Reasons Icelandic Countries Tourism Has Increased Its Popularity

Iceland has been accepting 2,3 million tourists in recent years. The Meteoric increase in tourism in the small Nordic country has led the Icelandic government, including a “nature” tax levied on tourists to help protect the raw beauty of the country, to consider implementing a range of measures to restrict arrivals.

With only 340,000 people spread over 40,000 square miles, the number of tourists to Iceland has risen in recent years. It is triggered by the world’s overseas sceneries in the ever-popular TV series Game of Thrones and other Hollywood blockbuster films between Star Wars and Interstellar.

The last few years, Iceland, ice, and fire country, has become a popular tourist destination. It is easy to see why travellers flee to the border of the world from majestic glaciers, thundering waterfalls, and incredible natural nighttime shows. Many features make it so unique.

Below are a few things that have made Iceland more popular.

  • You can swim outside all year long

There is no Icelandic experience without a hot spring swim! In volcanically heated pools, the outdoor memory of bathing is from Viking times. Hot springs of every size and shape can be found throughout the world. Make sure your eyes are peeled and your suit in proximity. This encounter you do not want to miss!

  • Iceland is one of the world’s most environmentally friendly nations

Iceland has recently become one of the greenest countries in the world, and it is easy to see why nearly all of Iceland’s electricity is generated from renewable energy sources! Reykjavik’s capital was awarded the Nordic Nature and Environment Prize in 2014 and plans to be a carbon-neutral city by 2040.

  • Iceland is surrounded by glaciers about 11%

Studies say that glaciers make up 11 per cent of the land of Iceland! Glaciers are one of Iceland’s major attractions, and almost 269 have been named to date. Iceland also has Vatnaj√∂kull, the biggest glacier in Europe, and Scandinavian cities to visit. It is equivalent to Luxembourg’s or Rhode Island’s threefold size!

  • The Island horse is Iceland’s only race of horses

In the history of Iceland, the Icelandic horse played a vital role. They are one of the purest breeds globally, and they are known to grow long hair in winter and short hair in summer because of their muscular bodies. It is also known to be friendly and curious (and always photograph-ready, so be sure you have your camera at your disposal) that is Islandic horses throughout the region.

  • Handball is Iceland’s national sport

Islanders love to play football, basketball, volleyball, and horseback riding sports, but did you know that Iceland’s national sport is handball? The game is played in a rectangular field between two teams of seven players with the intention of a score by pushing the ball through an opposing web. The team with the most goals won after 60 minutes! The love of Icelander to play handball (and watch) and in 2008, a silver medal was taken by the national team at the Beijing Olympics.