Things You Must Know Before Going to the Maldives

What do you imagine about the Maldives? Surely the beach with white sand and clear sea water is very beautiful. As an archipelago that has more than 200 islands, Maldives is indeed synonymous with beaches and stunning views. Its beauty attracts millions of tourists from all over the world who come to visit various islands in the Indian Ocean.

Have a vacation plan to the Maldives and have booked a room at one of the 5 Star Resort Maldives, and have bought a plane ticket to fly there. Consider the following points before preparing for your departure there.


Muslim countries

Not all islands in the Maldives are uninhabited. Some of them are local residents and one hundred percent are Muslim. The rules according to the Islamic religion were also applied to native island peoples, such as in the Capital of Maldives, Male City.

In this city, you cannot wear a bikini, drink alcohol, consume pork and some other rules that are adjusted to the teachings of Islam. The atmosphere on several inhabited islands also changed when the month of Ramadan arrived, were many eating places were closed, as well as hotel employees and other public facilities,  could not be disturbed when the time for dawn, breaking and prayers arrived.

One Resort, One Island

Different rules from inhabited islands in the Maldives you will find in resorts scattered on other islands that have become resorts. This country enforces the rules of one island for one resort only. At this resort, tourists are allowed to eat pork, consume alcohol and wear bikinis. But not to sunbathe naked, which is still strictly forbidden in the Maldives, even in private resorts though.

If you don’t plan to switch resorts, then make sure that you choose the best accommodation. What you must know, is not always a resort whose rooms are right above the sea is special. Judging from the photos, it is indeed charming, but it can be a bit troublesome because all the other resort facilities are in the middle of the island, which needs the energy to reach it.

Unpredictable Weather

With its location in the middle of the ocean, the weather in the Maldives is completely unpredictable. A hot day, then a sudden rainstorm. The weather also makes Scoot flights to the Maldives often hampered. Because of the weather too, delays are common in the Maldives, and it can last for hours, or even a day.

But all that for the sake of flight security and especially the safety of passengers.

It is strongly recommended not to take very tight flight schedules from the check out time of the hotel. Because you also have to pay attention to the trip from the island where your resort is located in Male City. If the weather is bad, the trip from the resort to the airport in Male can be choked up.

High Tax

Cheap budget holidays and then choosing a 3-star resort does not guarantee the cost you spend will be cheaper than a 5-star resort. This is where the uniqueness of the Maldives, when totaled completely with taxes and services is quite astonishing, staying at a 3-star resort is just as expensive with five stars.

Check your coveted resort carefully before leaving. Make sure you know the amount of tax paid. Do not let Scoot tickets to the Maldives that are cheap, not followed by affordable stay costs to reduce expenses because they do not know the tax at the resort.